Short Stories


by: Jishi Pantorilla


She felt her heart thump wildly inside her chest. It’s cold, so cold that she could not feel her fingers. Looking up towards the pitch black darkness of the sky, she remembered his words. ” 18 years of solitude, I’ll come and take you away.” As the rose princess, she never would’ve imagined such a dashing man trying to take hold of her. He was 10 years older, her senior.
She shouldn’t be taken nor held, with a curse painful as lightning that shatters and split the skies, her “thorns” would break even the strongest of steels or the mightiest of rocks. He would dare touch her heart. He would dare risk his fragile life. She was stronger but it seems that this fragile human is stronger and her yielding heart deeming her powerless to his advances. What is stronger? Is it the might of the heart or a power brought upon by a damned curse?
She started to sweat though the temperature just started to drop. The endless ticking of the clock in the bell tower tried to confuse her. “Is he coming?” She wondered. Is he that brave to face everything in exchange for nothing. If he fails, he dies; for once you go under the world I live, you are on your own. We all live in different skies, but in my case it is not only the sky that differs everything and anything you set your eyes into.
    Suddenly, she heard footsteps, each second it becomes clearer. He came. But not unscathed. My heart reached out for the man who just threw away what his skies offered. His sky is harmless compared to mine. But unlike me, he was not created to stand this sky. He was not cursed. He is as vulnerable as an infant. I rushed to him. Though he is on his feet, his clothes marred as if he ran into a beast. His breath came in gasps. His eyes clear with relief as he saw me. Bruises and blood has not dimmed his beauty one bit. Beautiful. But unable to speak as he collapsed in my arms.
Why? Why? I may show beauty, offer my body or give my life. Nevertheless, it’s not worth it compared to those scars I see in you. How come you take such great pain in seeing my being. “I love you” although not as clear nor as audible, he uttered from his bruised lips. I leaned in closer, felt his warm breath against my face. As my heart started to beat loudly again, It’s not due to fear nor hesitation but rather something sweeter, something that makes my insides churn and my stomach flutter. I closed my eyes as the gaps of our lips also started to close. It was something sweet and simple yet it was the best day of my life.
I brushed my lips to every bruise I can see on his face. More than wanting to be with him, I’d rather protect him from what he can not see coming.

I do not see why of all the cursed people in this sky I belong to, this doom would befall me. As if, the curse itself was not enough. As if I tried to escape from here in all the years I spent living, to gain some punishment… to deserve this doom. Escape. Such a sweet word. Such a word that has no appeal to me nor something I thought about doing. A word that meant banishment. A word that hasn’t enticed me. Until he came.
    His sky. Why not his sky? I would dare wish for it. I would dare yearn for it. I looked into his eyes as he touched my face with his bloodied hands. It’s time I obtain a mighty heart, a heart like his that knows no bounds. I’ll come with him to wherever he wants to go. For him, I can do anything. Now, I know what these “thorns” are for. It’s not meant to keep people out but rather accept people who are willing to go through pain just to be with me. And for that he is the one worthy to keep this rose princess. I would journey with him and at last I would leave this place. I am not the Rose Princess anymore, I shall become nothing but simply, his Rose.

All Rights Reserved 2008 (c) In collaboration with Paula.


Nov 3, ’08 6:43 AM

by: Jishi Pantorilla

I saw a single star in the sky..and wondered..

if you saw it too at the other side..

All Rights Reserved 2008 (c)

5 thoughts on “Short Stories

  1. Such an odd idea! I like a lot of things about this, including the decision to switch from third to first person. Found that interesting – it’s as though the reader accesses the narrator at the same time as her lover does. “Its not meant to keep people out but rather accept people who are willing to go through pain just to be with me.” – really nice line, here.

    Good stuff Jishi – hope to read more! : )

    1. You know, this is kind of a happy accident. It was actually a product of our laboratory class in Computer Science back in college. Have you ever tried using Google Documents? Well, the instructor partnered me with a classmate that happened to take up Communication Arts major in Writing; and being a frustrated writer myself, we decided to create a story. So, without sitting together and using just Google docs and GTalk, we wrote that story and submitted the finished product to the instructor 😉

      Thanks William, I haven’t written a story in so long. Maybe I will soon 🙂

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