If you must know


Jishi is a Nutrition undergrad prone to writing her random, absurd thoughts and just about anything unrelated to Nutrition. Her interests lie elsewhere and she’s still struggling to go after it if she’s not too busy over thinking and being fickle at the same time.


You would usually find her rants, wishes, letters and sentiments  in TinyLetter because sometimes, she doesn’t want to be found in Google and only subscribers of her bullshit are allowed a glimpse of her mind farts.

She is very much into mythology, history, poetry, literature, film, indie folk music, TV series and has obsessive tendencies towards things that she fancy.

 From a young age, book buying meant that she would read the last few pages of the book after the teaser. She’d seek out friends who’ve already watched a movie or a TV series that she’s interested in to sate her curiosity. People find this weird and sometimes annoying of her but one day Zusak was able to  explain how she felt about suspense and mystery that most people are such fans of.

“Mystery bores me. It chores me. I know what happens and so do you. It’s the machinations that wheel us there that aggravate, perplex, interest, and astound me.”

Jishi is a big fan of happy endings though she tends to take a break from romance novels to dip her toes into classics, historical fiction, high fantasy, Kundera, Murakami and dystopia. You will find spoilers all over the blog as she fixates on whatever TV series, books or flicks she encounters.

She’s itching to travel the world but until she can afford it, she overcompensates by reading.

This blog is another facet of her life that she choose to share with strangers.



2 thoughts on “If you must know

  1. Reading a bit about you, it reminds me of how I’m to talk about anything but economics…which is my degree! I too am in my early twenties 🙂 Look forward to further posts on your blog x

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