When I was seven, I lost my milk teeth (two front teeth) almost at the same time. What grew back as permanent ones were big and hideous. The kids in my school would laugh or tease me about it sometimes.

Then, came high school. One of my guy friends said,

“You know what? You could have been pretty if not for your teeth”.

I restrained myself from punching his face and just nodded  while staring at the paper I was busy doodling at. I heard variations of that statement over the years from different people. When I was 16, my granny once suggested,

“Why don’t you have it extracted and wear false teeth instead?”.

I kept silent but I thought,

False teeth at 16? Oh the horror!”.

The world is obsessed with image, however much we deny it. On a side note, studying in a public school, on a tropical country, made my brown color closer to that of coal.

College didn’t change that. University of the Philippines, Los Baños is one hell of a place. But the buildings are too far apart to consider hiding from the sun. Add in sleepless nights of studying and endless hanging out on school nights and you get one haggard face most likely to sweat on the T-zone. Sweaty, oily, and dark-skinned, I was hopeless.

Until braces and the office AC, my complexion improved and I bid my buck teeth goodbye.

I’d like to think it’s a big improvement.

Here’s where you find shallowness and random musings of an ugly duckling who grew up to be..  the Black Swan.

Nah, I’m just kidding. I’m no Natalie Portman. Or maybe I am– boob-wise. LOL


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