Failure to be Coherent [(Again) because I’m fangirling]

If you chance upon reading this blog, I must warn you, I am only ever so coherent and succinct when I am angry or depressed but expect nothing more when I am happy. My thoughts will be all over the place. Like a vandal that could not stand a pristine wall and has an incessant need to fill all the spaces with graffiti.  That’s basically how almost all of my blog looks like anyhow.


For starters, the first month of the year has been incredibly fast and honestly, I think I’m starting to do enjoy my work in this new global company I’m in. Nothing monumental happened except that I think I read more books this month compared to my average number of books read in a month in 2012. Yes, I deem that exciting, what’s your point? I also welcomed the first day of the year obsessing  on the YouTube web series, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I think I watched all 75 episodes in one day and I’m only catching up now from episodes 76 up to most recent as I write here. I multitask like that. Or you know, I just gotta do something while I wait for the video to buffer.


But I can’t keep writing now that the episodes are getting exciting and I already told you, I’m not coherent when I’m happy, so multiply that by five when I’m fangirling, so this is what happens:





Wanna obsess on something new this 2013?


Catch it  on YouTube and watch it ALL, I tell yah.


Wait, I was gonna write something relevant and life changing a while ago..






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