2012 Books

A miserably meager list, or I’m forgetting to list down some of the books I’ve read this year.

There aren’t enough books in the world.

The one sure thing I will make an effort on is to allot more time to reading. I abuse my eyes, like that.


Dance of The Gods. Nora Roberts

Valley of Silence. Nora Roberts

These, I’ve struggled reading until I came upon some of William Butler Yeats poem, inserted in the novels and my heart turned to hopeless goo.


Jewels of the Sun. Nora Roberts. 02072012

Game of Thrones. George R.R. Martin. 02122012

The Perks of Being A Wallflower. Stephen Chbosky. 02242012

Weird combination, huh?


A Clash of Kings. George R.R. Martin. 03312012

The Best of Chico and Delamar. 03192012

It get’s weirder.


I’ve Got Your Number. Sophie Kinsella. 04102012

Judge me all you want, but I happen to enjoy a Kinsella chick lit.


A Storm of Swords. George R.R. Martin. 05172012

Holding the Dream. Nora Roberts. 05212012

Because I needed to balance gory-and-cynical high fantasy with true-love-and-happy-endings fiction.


50 Shades of Grey.  E.L. James. 06232012

50 Shades Darker. E.L. James. 06162012

50 Shades Freed.  E.L. James. 06212012

I do have questionable taste, I know. But how can I spout filthy criticisms if I haven’t read it?


Luring A Lady. Nora Roberts. 07022012

Taming Natasha. Nora Roberts. 07032012

Luring a Lady. Nora Roberts.

A Feast For Crows. George R. R. Martin

Yes, yes. In my mind, George R.R. Martin and Nora Roberts are happily married.


A Dance With Dragons. George R.R. Martin

For someone who was a bum at that point, I wasn’t so productive with reading, either.


Phaedra. June Rachuy Brindel. 

The Golden Mean. Annabel Lyon

On the Way to The Wedding. Julia Quinn

To Catch A Highlander. Karen Hawkins

Historical fiction at its different shades and hues.


Everything She Thought She Wanted. Elizabeth Buchan

Saffron Skies. Leslie Lokko

Pre-loved books that I found and never regretted buying.


When Beauty Tamed the Beast. Eloisa James

I could never stay away from Eloisa.


The Fault in Our Stars. John Green. 12192012

1984. George Orwell. 12262012

Looking for Alaska. John Green. 12292012


I found a new love.


I have a gazillion of books to read. Seriously though, 90% of the gifts I got for Christmas and my birthday are books, and I’m one happy book fiend.

Some of them, I bought, most of them, gifts :3
Some of them, I bought, most of them, gifts :3
Gifts from my office mate, Cel, who was a bit scared that I won't like her selection. It turns out, she chose well ;)
Gifts from my office mate, Cel, who was a bit scared that I won’t like her selection. It turns out, she chose well 😉

You have 12 months to devour books and more of ’em. 🙂





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