Back after a month-long hiatus


Oh my gosh, you guys! I got one more item to cross out from my 2012 bucket list: buy a laptop and blog with regularity. 🙂

Yeay for severance pay! Ha! 🙂

It’s weird and funny that a lot of things have happened to me at a time when I don’t have money. The adventures were more spontaneous and I feel loved because my friends would take the time, money and effort just to hang out with me. I’ve hung out with my friends several times without spending anything. At  one point, my best friend, T, made it possible for me to watch Maroon5’s Overexposed Tour Manila. That’s how awesome my friends are. It’s not just about the money, though it plays a big and sweet part, but the effort, the time and desire for my company.


Here are some of the things that I’ve done in my absence from the social networks:



Sleepover my best friend’s flat and run a Game of Thrones 2 marathon. Rob and Talisa getting married? Where is Jeyne Westerling?!! Anyhow, T bought me dinner, lunch, milk tea and caught up with each other’s life and gossip.






Sell my blackberry.  I needed money and I can’t subscribe on a data plan anyway because of my tight budget. I had to use a simpler phone without internet capabilities. Woe is me.




Go drinking with my colleagues. Ah, that was one hell of a fun night. Nah, that wasn’t milk at all.



Photo: Inom na ng milky milk babyyy. :p




Accompany my friend, L, in getting a haircut. Yes, L, took me and two other friends for dinner and some drinks.  It seemed like I drink too much looking at this list but the dates were actually far in between and why am I explaining again? Ha ha.




Watch Katy Perry: Part of Me in 3D. Uhuh, we were that late in here. That movie was released in the US back in August, and we were only able to watch it, a month later. Watched it with the best friend T and some college girlfriends. We managed not to flake on each other and that was a monumental event given that Cha, Cole and I (except Tal) are such flakers and we actually showed up for a change.




Go clubbing on my friend, K’s birthday. Nope, not a party animal. My girlfriends just happen to celebrate their birthdays in clubs. Heh. Some random foreign guy danced with me and it was fun while it lasted and I was tipsy but when I sobered up, I almost swore never to dance with strangers again. Lol. He was cute but.. a girl does not like too much attention and prefers  mystery. I’m such a cliché too because I still root for a Byronic hero and not some nice guy with puppy dog eyes who will jump in a ring of fire when I say so. There must be something innately wrong with me.

Mico and I were able to pull off a Perks of Being A Wallflower feat because our friend had a car which has a roof thing that opens.

I slept over at M’s place and got home around 5 in the morning. Her mum was steaming mad. Yikes!






Read Phaedra by June Rachuy Brindel and The Golden Mean by Annabel Lyon. I bought those books months ago but I was only able to read it now. I love how I risk buying pre-loved books and chance upon very good ones. It’s such a refreshing change from romance novels and high fantasy.





Watch the Maroon 5‘s concert with T.   My best friend loves me too much, she can’t go to the concert without me. Lol. She took care of the tickets and our food and I took care of the camera. Where did I get such amazing friends? 🙂 Adam Levine is such a hot piece of ass.



Photo: That laglag panty moment, yessir! Lol #OverexposedTourManila





Get paid after a month of training!  It all went to bills and payment but I managed to watch a local flick, buy clothes for the next day’s event, eat excessively and buy another Blackberry to replace the one I sold.





Attend the office event. Which is another way of saying, I went clubbing again. The event was held in a club and the rest is history. We had to wear hats too! 🙂 My office friends and I, then proceeded to a karaoke house and drank some more.









Buy a laptop from my office friend and have C treat me and my colleagues with J.Co Doughnuts  It’s this overpriced but really awesome doughnuts and they’re so sweet and fatty, it goes straight to your ass. LOL





Maybe it is safe to conclude that switching companies has been good for me. Aside from working on normal office hours instead of a graveyard shift plus a higher compensation, it doesn’t hurt that my colleagues have become close friends. It helps me get up from bed in the morning when it’s so tempting to over sleep. I can still remember how it feels like to dread waking up at night and having to prepare for work and generally be miserable while I’m at it. So I appreciate what I have now even when I had to make a couple of sacrifices and be indebted to my mom while I wait to be paid. It has been a month and I’d love to continue being this happy with my career (and other aspects of my life too).


I would suspend over thinking and worrying about my life plans for now. And no, I don’t party too much. #indenial




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