A few things to prove that I’m still alive

Hi guys!

Missed me? Don’t worry I haven’t died. Just been busy doing nothing. But so far, in my absence here on WP, I’ve managed to do the following in no particular order:

  • cut my hair yet shorter

  • quit my job (yay! I finally did)
  • go clubbing (again!)

  •  sleep all day if I want
  •  daydream like a pro
  • go wall climbing (what up? That’s so unlike me)

  •  tweet excessively
  •  watch a lot of cable shows
  • watch the Olympics (I wish I can afford to go to London right now)
  •  wait for my new company to call me
  •  watch The Dark Knight Rises in the cinema free (thanks, Asher)
  •  bum around

So much for doing nothing, those are actually a lot. Anyway, I’ll write more in detail and with regularity once I get my severance pay and buy myself a laptop.

For now, please miss me sorely.



8 thoughts on “A few things to prove that I’m still alive

    1. Hi Renx! I’m back to work again. My new company called last week and it was my first day today. I’ll be more busy for the following days but I’ll write sooner if I could.
      And thanks! How are you?

  1. This sounds just fantastic 🙂 It makes me smile, sitting here in my lounge room, just to read it!

    I’ve done wall climbing – it’s great fun.

    I don’t know the full story but I DO know how it feels to quit a job that no longer feels good. OH GREAT feeling – glad you’ve been freed! Good luck with your next step, & enjoying the down time.

    Cheers! Noeleen

    1. I’m happy to relay that my new job is quite fun and I have great colleagues to boot! Will write more about what’s happening with my life soon.

      Thanks for taking an interest! I’ll be trying bungee fun next time! 🙂

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