Five Things I Love About The Avengers (2012)

Ha! In one of the rare instances that our country was first to see something [aside from the sunrise], it was the movie, The Avengers (2012) that got released earlier here than in the U.S. My friend told me that it was a ploy to prevent piracy as what always happens when a movie gets released in the Western world before the third world country sees it. What made seeing it on the big screen more awesome  is the fact that our company paid for the tickets. Heh.

Here are the 5 things I love about the movie:

1. The wittiest script that I’ve ever encountered in my short life.

The movie house was filled with my office mates and though some were from another account, you could just imagine the level of familiarity and comfort that one would not normally have when viewing a movie in a roomful of strangers. The level of inhibition when laughing, gasping and clapping like seals are higher just because we know most of the occupants in the movie house.

Most of the witty lines were from Tony Stark/Ironman but you cannot discount some of Thor’s and Dr. Banner/ Hulk’s quips. Gods, even the bystanders were witty.

Loki: I have an army!

Tony Stark: We have The Hulk

Thor: Don’t ever speak of  Loki like that. He is my brother.

Natalie/Black Widow: He killed 80 people in two days.

Thor: He’s adopted.

2. The Severe Amount of Badassery That Each of Them Were almost Invincible.

Thor and the Hulk had a face off but there is no decided winner as they are both freakishly strong. Thor and Captain America broke out into a fight too but it turns out that Capt. America’s shield can withstand even a god’s hammer and scepter (Loki’s). The same shield served as a trampoline for Black Widow. Whut?

Most impressive of all is Black Widow. She doesn’t have inhuman strength, godly powers nor a badass weapon but boy, can she go on a killing spree whilst looking insanely beautiful.

3.  The almost cartoon/comic like actions of the characters

Exhibited mostly by Hulk. You’ll see that soon enough. Even in the middle of an action packed scene,  hilarity ensues.

4. The many times that Loki fell on his face

His struggle for world domination was made amusing by how he is repeatedly beaten into a pulp by the Avengers despite his god status.


5. The Biceps Fest

har! Not this kind, though

I swear there was a collective gasp in the cinema when Captain America appeared on the show for the first time. But when Thor showed up, there were tiny squeals of delight from the ladies. I was merely gobsmacked.

Now, that’s more like it!

And oh, those pretty faces in every one of them. Have I mentioned I’m nuts over Mark Ruffalo since I was 13?

I must admit that it might not be a good thing that the Avengers were almost invincible because there should be a weakness in there somewhere but you should see it and judge for yourself how some action movies can sometimes be a thinly veiled comedy show.

The next day, when I went to the book store, I made a beeline for the comics section. I’m no true geek to be considered knowledgeable about what really goes on in the Marvel comics but I did see:

  • that there is now The New Avengers where the X-Men, the Fantastic Four and the original Avengers are all in one team to defeat various Big Bads. Must be awkward if they have to make a movie out of it and it turns out that the Human Torch and Captain America is the same person.
  • the She-Hulk. I didn’t know that there is one. Huh.
  • that there’s a graphic novel of The Walking Dead.
  • the Game of Thrones graphic novel which I totally want for my birthday
  • that you must have lots of money to be a collector. The comics were damn expensive.



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