Tuesday Playlist

Here’s this week’s playlist 🙂 



  1. Kiss Me Again– We are The In Crowd  (Feat. Alex Gaskarth)



2. Payphone– Maroon 5 feat. Wiz Khalifa 



3. Endlessly– The Cab 



4. Call Me Maybe– Carly Rae 



5.  Diet Mountain Dew– Lana Del Rey



6. Part of Me– Cover by Lindsey Pavao (The Voice season 2)



7. She’s Got You High– Mumm-ra






1My week starts on Tuesdays 

 Inspired by La Vie Boston


One thought on “Tuesday Playlist

  1. Here is mine (I will try to list only seven as well. More weird taste in music to ensue):

    1. Jeff Loomis – Shouting Fire At a Funeral

    2. Billie Holiday – Good Morning Heartache

    3. Stereopony – Blowin’ In The Wind

    4. La Bien Querida – Ya No

    5. Emvee – Bluesy Eyes

    6. L. A. Guns – Killing Machine

    7. At The Gates – Blinded By Fear

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