Tuesday Playlist

I spent my weekend sleeping and relishing being able to sleep at night (at least for Saturday and Sunday) because I rarely get to do that given my work but between my waking hours, I managed to fit in cable shows and books. I started and finished Kinsella’s I’ve Got Your Number and caught up with several episodes of How I Met Your Mother 7, and uh, a lot of chick flicks too. This is simply a cacophony of the old, the new and the in-betweens of a 90s kid.



  1. Dark Paradise– Lana Del Ray 




2. Why Can’t I? – Liz Phair



3. You Set Me Free– Michelle Branch



4. Dancing in The Moonlight–  Toploader



5. On Fire– Switchfoot 



6. Teenage Dirtbag– Wheatus




7. Stacy’s Mom– Fountains of Wayne 



8. Hackensack– Katy Perry 



9. I Want You To Want Me– Letters to Cleo 



10.  Set Fire To the Rain– Adele 




What are you listening to 10 times a day? 😉




1My week starts on Tuesdays 

 Inspired by La Vie Boston


6 thoughts on “Tuesday Playlist

  1. Since no one responded to your question, I will at least answer. Even if you do not dig the majority of music I listen to. Especially since I am kind of old and rather eccentric.

    1. Gorefest – The Glorious Dead

    2. Mad Soul Child – Dear

    3. Anthem – Immortal Bind

    4. Loveholics – Raining

    5. Hypocrisy – Roswell 47

    6. Rosa Passos – Nem Eu

    7. Little Boots – New In Town

    8. Sandra Nasic – Fever

    9. Thin Lizzy – Waiting For An Alibi

    10. The Ramones – Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment

    So that is my playlist at the moment. Have a good day.

          1. It was on the Acid Eaters tour so it had to have been around 1993 or 1994. I still have my tour program..err..what is left of it anyways.

            1. Oh. I think I was three years old at the time. And I’ve only ever been to a few concerts in my life as the tix are pricey and concerts are still a big deal here for it to be that pricey.

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