Tuesday Playlist

My April Fool’s was a day I spent with my flaker friends. Yes, we would often flake upon each other but somehow our friendship survives despite of all the flaking throughout the year. It’s kind of an achievement when we do manage to hang out and we always have the most blooper-filled, hilarious time.



This is what I’ve been listening to over the weekend and the OST of out April Fool’s. Lol 🙂 


  1. The Way You Look Tonight– Maroon 5 




2.  Moving Closer– Never The Strangers




3. Between The Lines– Sara Bareilles 




4. Everywhere Everything– This Century 



5.  I Thought I Saw Your Face Today– She & Him



What are you listening to 10 times a day? 😉




1My week starts on Tuesdays 

Photos courtesy of C.

 Inspired by La Vie Boston


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