The world will be watching. As do I.

Here’s to me, being super excited. I waited for this movie for two years. And I’m finally seeing it tomorrow with the bffs.

Yes, that’s a mockingjay tattoo. I got it August of last year.

No, it’s not an ordinary bird.

No, it’s not a sticker tattoo nor henna.

No, it’s not a pterodactyl.

Yes, it hurt so bad when I was getting it.

Yes, it could have been gold with a ring around it. I don’t know why I didn’t demand it of the artist.

No, I don’t know why I let the artist put acid like drawings around it like the mockingjay was dying or something.

No, I did not protest when the arrow was too thin.

Yes, I’m gonna obsess over the movie for days. I just know it.



2 thoughts on “The world will be watching. As do I.

  1. My brother just had a tattoo painted on his one arm…. the drawing was from Naruto, lol…… obsessed anime addict, that guy.

    I want one, but my Mother would have a massive coronary…. well, just a tiny one above my butt.

    1. Well, why should your brother be allowed that and not you? Lol. All the tattooes I’m planning to have are of fictional/literary significance. 🙂

      Anyway, go for it. They can’t do anything anymore once it’s there. Ha ha. I really suck at giving advice ^_^

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