Full of it

You would think that it was more complicated to fall in love in the medieval era because of all the mores and codes, social standing, dowry and arranged marriages. Modern times allow for the freedom to choose who we love, who we bed and ultimately wed and grow old with. I got all these from reading all ye historical romances and fiction. But it seems to me that along with freedom, came complications. Why is it harder to fall in love now, than it was for people in the olden times?

Modern times made people more rational. You know, differentiating love, lust, infatuation, attraction, affection, desire. Name it. Knowing what the differences are does not help. Because you couldn’t label a strong emotion as love right away. You tend to mince your feelings and look at it until you get scared and then you run away before you get hurt. And you don’t believe in love at first sight because how they speak, act and treat people matters more than the initial attraction.

But it was so easy back then. In all the songs and stories of singers and bards, men and women fall by just the mere sight of each other. Which I don’t get. And I’m in denial of.

Why is it so hard?


But then at the back of mind, somebody said,

 “Falling in love is easy, keeping it is hard, but moving on after it all falls apart is the hardest.'”

Again, what do I know of these things?



I read too much fiction.

But I’m good at over thinking.






6 thoughts on “Full of it

  1. i think it’s easier before because even though it’s full of rules and social obligations the parameters of having a relationship was straightforward. but nowadays, we tend to romanticize everything which complicates things.
    personally, i think the drama of it makes it well worth it. the thrill and danger of the thought of being broken makes it more enjoyable once you decide to take that step off the cliff.
    are you in love jishi??? (juz teasing)

    1. Well, I don’t know about the romanticizing part because what it seems is that people nowadays rationalize it. They pick apart everything there is and you also can’t ignore the emergence of pseudo- relationships so rampant right now and they must think it so cool to get into one.

      No, not in love.That’s the thing. It’s because I can still determine if it’s a passing fancy, an infatuation or mere affection and not, you know, headlong in love. But there’s no one right now. I’ve just been reading too much fiction and it got me thinking.

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