When Twitter Isn’t Healthy for My Rage Issues

I know I have rage issues. I get annoyed easily by petty things, by something someone said that might have struck a chord that I’m guilty about, by people who are self-righteous or just really irritating. Apart from the rage issue, I am paranoid about some things. That’s why sometimes most of the time, Twitter on my phone is not a good idea. For someone,who gives unsolicited advice on my blog, I become unfair when someone comes up with a line that I don’t agree with. I immediately create a blind item containing my argument or I just plain lash out without tagging the person. That doesn’t make me a better person, I know.

Here are some of my meaner tweets during the past week after I saw certain tweets.

As for you, You need Ben10. If you're looking for variety, get a boy who is a host of many aliens. You're at least still loyal, technically.

So, if you’re like me, I came up with solutions to cut down rants and hate on Twitter.

1. Quit Twitter.

Deactivate. If you can’t, ask yourself why you can’t live without it. You’ll probably come up with excuses about keeping it and staying connected to friends. I know, I know, we live in different times but if it causes you to become more angry than necessary because of what someone tweeted, it’s not worth it. It’s not even worth it to keep following someone out of politeness. You know that people make it an issue when you unfollow them, don’t you?

2. Use the Mute Button.

Some Twitter app has the Mute Button feature that allows you to preset how long their tweets will be muted. It gives you some sort of freedom from the annoying tweets without the impoliteness of unfollowing.

3. Don’t log in as often.

You may not be as updated as your friends are on celebrity tweets but it also means you aren’t as updated with your annoying friends’ daily lives. Makes you wonder why you still call them friends when you can get this annoyed (sometimes).

4. Master self-control and ignore their tweets.

The hardest thing about this solution is the part where you’re struggling with the urge to kick their ass and to have the last words. Good luck. There are days when I’m feeling apathetic, a bit lethargic to muster the energy to even care. At this point, you will wonder if you’re resigned that this annoying person has no hope in life– that you shouldn’t spend your energy on killing low-life creatures.

5. Keep yourself distracted enough.

Read books, play games with your friends, go swimming, dance and party all night. All in the premise that you turn your phone off or at least your data connection from the internet. More often, the world does not have to know everything that you do. My coaches and trainers said that Americans are very particular about their privacy. Twitter seems to defeat the privacy thing and this generation has this incessant urge to let the world know all that they’re doing, eating, and feeling.

6. Take a hiatus.

It does wonders to your work productivity, social life, family and well-being. And it gets even better if you hang out with your friends than just merely updating each other over tweets and mentions.

It’s not about your twitter addiction, not mostly. Just an attempt to reduce hate and bad vibes on Twitterverse.



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