Renx wanted to grill her followers in the guise of tagging them. I’m one of her lucky victims. Lol. As it is, spring has come! But that’s only for you guys who live in countries with four seasons. I came from a place where it’s hot and then it suddenly pours. I’m not sure if that’s… Read More 11.11

Tuesday Playlist

It has been a week since my Zambales trip; and this playlist has been largely influenced by my best friend, T.     Skinny Love– Birdy      2. Dear Lonely– Zia Quizon        3. Part of Me– Katy Perry        4. Gravity– Sara Bareilles        5. Just A Feeling– Maroon 5     … Read More Tuesday Playlist

Movies To Hunt

        Don’t tell me what I already know. That I’m late again in watching these films. You know why VCRs [that later evolved to DVD players] were invented? Because there are people out there who likes watching movies over 50 times and a new generation who appreciates old films and then people like me,… Read More Movies To Hunt

Full of it

You would think that it was more complicated to fall in love in the medieval era because of all the mores and codes, social standing, dowry and arranged marriages. Modern times allow for the freedom to choose who we love, who we bed and ultimately wed and grow old with. I got all these from… Read More Full of it

Tuesday Playlist

My bff, M, kidnapped me on the wee hours of the morn, last Sunday. We went to her place, bummed around, watched New Girl, Jane Eyre (2011), and Midnight in Paris (2010).  I’ve watched the New Girl DVD twice and it still cracks me up. Now, I do the chicken dance whenever I’m on the dance floor. Thanks… Read More Tuesday Playlist