Things I Like Thursday

1. Perks of Being A Wallflower. I know you’ll scoff and say you’ve already read it and that I’m late again. What’s new? You like scoffing and feeling superior and I’m always late, anyway. Win-win.

My office friend, Mic, lent me this and I’m excited to read it. ūüėÄ

2. Friends who would pick me up from the sand when I’m puking my guts out from too much alcohol and take me home and take care of the rest. As in take care of me and my things even after I pass out.

I need to color my hair again..

Photos courtesy of E.

3. Beaches:¬†Sand, shore, sun, waves–the whole¬†package. I don’t know why it took me so long to take myself to one but now, I’ll go whenever I can.

I’ve yet to upload my recent beach adventure on here..

Photo courtesy of M.

4. This Venn Diagram via Great White Snark

I say, why would you let anyone define what you are? I mean, I may be¬†a geek according to this diagram but I have a good fashion sense and was never socially awkward. There exist people who are well-rounded¬†and well-adjusted. My turn to scoff? ha ha. No. I was almost bullied in first year high school but¬†my younger sister, A,¬†is one hell of a badass¬†that when she¬†confronted those two girls trying to harass me, they got scared of her and never¬†did they attempt to bully me.¬†Anyway, I’m off the topic again. ¬†And there’s still this endless comparison of Geeks versus Hipsters and all I can say is that both parties will choose a label best suited to them so, maybe,¬†they can both fug off and I can stay undefined by any of these labels. On that note, I better change my Facebook bio..

Nerd Dork Geek Venn Diagram

5. I’ve Got Your number by Sophie Kinsella. Always a fan of Kinsella. I read chick lit and you’re scoffing again. Well, I’m not a literary snob and I read what I please.

I saw this on and I wonder if this is now available on the book stands here..

6. Humongous Cheese Curls. My friend, Mac, gave us bags of it earlier. :3


7. Mongolian Fried Rice.¬†I bought one in the pantry earlier because I envied my friend, Kash’s¬†Mongolian rice bowl, and it was awesome.




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