The Versatile Blogger Award

I’ve stalled long enough and it’s time I write about it. I don’t know the rules but that’s why the Search button was invented. Renx nominated me for this blogger award and as much as it preened my vain ass, thank you very much, self-doubt crept in and I started to think why people would follow a blog like mine when I have trouble writing with cohesion but I think I entertain my readers to some extent, so with all sincerity, Thank You, guys for tuning in to my attempt at documenting random life  moments and putting up with my bullshit.

Our culture in this country is prone to false humility but as I grew up, people taught me that ‘Thank You’ never gets old and it’s still the best way to accept a compliment.

Anyway, it’s a nomination and I haven’t won yet so here’s what I found when I searched for the rules:

1. Thank and link to the person who awarded you.

2. Share seven random facts about yourself.

3. Pass the award on to more blogging friends.

4. Contact those friends and congratulate them!

To Renx, I’m grateful for the award. You’re one cool chick and for you to nominate me gave me a rush of kilig vibes. 🙂

I specialize in randomness

  • I don’t usually shop for pants/jeans because I’m too lazy to try them on unlike skirts, dresses and shorts that  just by looking at it, I know if it will fit me or not and then, I proceed to buying it. I depend on my sister to buy jeans since we’re almost of the same size and then I borrow it until she gives it to me. Stingy me.
  • I lean towards buying flats more than high heels. I know that fashion hurts, but my hedonistic self refuses to subject myself to the pains of wearing one. I digress, that it’s sexy and should be worn from time to time.
  • I always, always, read the last part of a book to assure myself of what the ending will be. There are some exceptions though, and I might put up a list one day and how it [not reading the ending] affected me.
  • I have a Mockingjay tattoo on my left wrist and I plan to add three more tattoos with fictional significance: the Deathly Hallows, the Cheshire cat and the Celtic Knot.
  • I was an editorial writer in grade school because the Journalism teacher assigned it to me even though I always I envied, Cheska, my pretty classmate who got assigned to Feature Writing, because her topics were more fun than politics. I’m opinionated at the best times, apathetic at most and I sincerely dislike politics so, come high school, I auditioned for the Feature Writing post, got accepted, and excelled in it (I think. I won contests, haven’t I? lol).
  • I don’t get people who doesn’t like reading. I demean them all the time in my head. That’s how unfair I am. Don’t give me that crap that, You’re too active for such a mundane activity.  You might be physically active but you’re brain-dead to me.
  • I recently watched Real Steel (Yeah, I’m late again in watching the good stuff) and I loved it! Hugh Jackman’s god-like body aside, the story was entertaining and at first I thought it was like that episode in How I Met Your Mother where there’s a “Man Versus Robot” wrestling thing going on. I’m adding it to the list of movies that I can watch over and over.

Freshly Pressed is a constant source of people to love, stalk and obsess on. 

 Embracing The Mundane– Her creativity and love for her family is amazing. I’d love to be like that when I raise my family someday.

Listful Thinking– a cute college student who specializes in awkward, bloopers and witty comebacks.

The Middlest Sister– spell effort and hilarious and you get a hell of a blog.

An expatriate With a Camera– a girl who’ve been to many places and shares her photos and experiences with a flair

Sometimes, I get this lovely jolt upon finding out that my new follower is one awesome blogger that I wonder how they found me. Or maybe it’s the other way around–I found them, and they followed back which still counts as awesome, right?

Fabulous Realms– a fantasy writer that I like stalking and he feeds my hunger for fiction.

Austraalien- she has a knack for telling stories and very humorous at it.

Doe-Eyed– the person who inspired me to give WordPress another try; and be an active blogger again.

Creating Life Out of Existence– his writing boggles my mind sometimes and he seems to live an interesting life.

More awesome blogs to check out on my blogroll ; )



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