This is not a movie review

There are times that I’m so late about liking certain things i.e. watching that awesome movie which was in the cinemas back in 2010, listening to this indie music that’s just so rad, partying in this or that place or reading that best-selling novel/series that will have/has a movie or tv adaptation.

Take Inception (2010).

Yes, I only watched it last Sunday. Two years after it was released. Pitiful.
I was an active Tumblr user in 2010 and that place is full of people with ten times the obsessive tendency as I do. You could just imagine my Tumblr dashboard peppered with rage comics, memes, typographies, fan art and select stills of movies and  tv series. And so it was when almost everyone I follow, posted something about Inception. I don’t really know why I didn’t see it in the cinemas when everyone was raving about it nor did I bother to see it on DVD.

In truth, I, sometimes, have issues with what’s ‘in’ and I don’t always join the ‘in crowd’ because it makes the fad/hype overrated. Or I’m just derisive of certain people who think they’re so hip. Yup, I said it. Hipsters who think they’re in an elite, obscure, odd crowd are actually the ‘in crowd’ and they get uppity over a lot of petty things.

So, in these moments when I intentionally avoid the band wagon, I shut up and don’t give a fuck even when I’m curious about what the rave is all about. I check it out a year or two later when everybody has shut up about it. Like Inception.

This is not a movie review. I’m not emotionally prepared for a blog post about a movie review, yet. Why? Because I feel that the only words I can come up with are either ‘awesome’ or ‘crappy’ or worse, I might pepper my review with adjectives, without giving it a substantial perspective.

I can only say that I will be adding Inception to my list of mindfucks. And that I was thoroughly impressed that Christopher Nolan has thought of something so original, it bitchslapped all the other movies that are either adaptations of novels, comics or a remake. Movies that make you think are rare. Movies that make you think so much to the point of mindfuck are harder to find.   

Maybe that movie implanted the idea that it’s an awesome movie, no? Incepted!


On a side note, there were also times when I obsess about a book, a series or a movie that only a few know about like

  •  vintage, fruity, polka-dotty Katy Perry in 2008
  •  reading Hunger Games in 2009
  •  listening to She and Him before Zooey D. got her New Girl fame
  •  Paramore in 2007 (All We Know Is Falling and Riot! album)
  •  Game of Thrones before the tv adaptation became such a shizz 


When people start to like them, I would feel possessive and I don’t want to share it with them. Weird. Well, they probably felt the same way towards me when I start to like things belatedly. It evens out things  nicely.


I feel like, I’m Lord Frey of Game of Thrones. Always late in calling the banners and joining his liege lord to war. They liked to call him, the late Lord Frey. Here I am, two years after the movie premiered, suppressing the urge to rave about it (not really).



For the time being, I remained consumed with the possibility of Inception and the question of reality. Sometimes, I feel like I need a totem to take a good grasp of reality. I wonder what would  my totem be.



4 thoughts on “This is not a movie review

  1. Totally agree. I also avoided Inception and when I finally saw it, I wanted to hate it. Like twenty minutes into it I kept thinking, “God, this sucks. I knew it would suck.” Then, by the end, I was a teary mess (yes, I cried at Inception) and wanted to stand up and applaud. Great, great movie. Although it sucks when the ‘in’ crowd is right!

    1. Which part did you cry, I’d like to know? I feel like I’m heartless.. I didn’t cry at all. I know the part where Cobb told Ariadne the truth about Mal’s death is poignant but I don’t know why I didn’t cry. Maybe, I was still hoping for some redemption for Cobb.

      Yeah, the ‘in crowd’ was right but I still don’t want to join sometimes. haha

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