In our defense


Seeing the Freshly Pressed posts today, I am reminded that I am admittedly cynic. But I got offended when I saw this quote on Tumblr..

Then, I grew afraid. Kind of. So I promised  that I will make a conscious effort not to dismiss things and delay retiring to my cynic niche all the time. What’s ironic is that I dig romantic novels so much but I still end up being cynic about the real world where we live in. Be more ideal then?

It’s not that easy. I am not someone who looks at things and see rainbows and butterflies and spout feel good vibes. I’d rather see the lay of the land at its harshest so I know where and when to tread carefully. It’s better most of the time. You get to brace yourself for the worst that could happen and come out unscathed. The delights are in the surprises, a cynic would find–expecting the worst, and finding little treasures. I’d prefer it over anticipating so much, only to fall on your face. 

Cynics had learned things the hard way. It’s because they learned how it could hurt that they became that way.

I once read that reality is a cold comfort. Is it?

The world is both wonderful and horrible. Enough to make a part of you amazed and thankful for life and the other part disillusioned that you can’t give a flying fuck.

So how do you really manage cynicism?



4 thoughts on “In our defense

  1. How do I manage cynicism ? Well, I live by the day, not hoping for anything better, nor less.

    And, just like you, I read and love romance stories, but can’t get into it in real time. I have my ideals, but I’m a cynic. I know my ideals don’t exist.

    1. I find that method most effective for me and saves me from worrying too much.

      Funny how romance stories makes me want to shout that there isn’t such a thing in real life. Is there? Hahaha. Cynicism and romanticism still cuts me in half.

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