Tuesday Playlist

The Katy Perry concert has made me even more nostalgic. I felt smug that I’ve loved her from way back, 2008, and her lyrics spoke to me as her quirkiness and talent beckoned. I have this theory that it was California Girls that shot her at the top of the charts. While, I’m happy that her career is doing well, I have this possessive streak that says, “I’ve liked her before everyone did”. LOL. All the videos linked to it were fan made, except for the MTV Unplugged version. Here are some of the songs that I’ve been playing over and over. Enjoy!

Me and my bffs falling for Katy, over and over



  1. Cup of Coffee 



2. Fingerprints 



3. One of the Boys 



4. Hummingbird Heartbeat 



5. Not Like the Movies



6. Mannequin



7. Brick by Brick 



8. I Kissed A Girl (Unplugged) 



9. Damn



10.  If You Can Afford Me 



What are you listening to 10 times a day? 😉




1My week starts on Tuesdays 

Photo courtesy of twitter.com/nicolebaldivia

 Inspired by La Vie Boston


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