When Should You Say Never and the Elusiveness of Other Things

I came across two awesome blogs today via Freshly Pressed. Both are female bloggers and boy are they witty, funny and have so many interesting insights that I almost gave up on this whole blogging deal if I can’t write as good as them. Then, I thought, “I will get better and I will get Freshly Pressed someday (if I have to bribe or blackmail those WP admin to do so. Hah, Kidding)”. I’d like to think I have a healthy sense of vanity. By that, I mean, I stand between the girl who does all that she can to avoid attention from people bordering on Bella Swan awkwardness and the girl who will do anything and everything to gain and keep the attention of everyone around her, like maybe, Regina George of Mean Girls. Being freshly pressed would just preen my feathers, you know? But I doubt, this entry would bring me the fame I want. LOL

Reading Stephanie‘s blog made me insecure that I couldn’t write better about some of the topics we had in common (like swearing off romantic novels) but it also made me laugh and so amused that I love-hate her now. She also has this love for making lists and I adore her for that because she makes Santa Clause want to justify his list with reasons and be funny while explaining it.  Sarah‘s blog is the right mix of trivial, fun and witty that it made me want to quit writing about the pains of my restlessness.

I’m also raping Thought Catalog to get a couple of ideas to write about that I almost reposted an entry about being single this 2012 for lack of anything better to write. Still, no fruits there. Most of the time, inspiration is this elusive asshole who mocks and frustrates you until you take desperate measures. If you’re desperate enough, you either sell your soul to the devil or you plagiarise. If you’re lucky, inspiration just comes knocking back your doorstep with a flourish. But then, if you’re anything near Dora the Explorer, no matter how elusive inspiration is, you’ll find it. I’m not Dora.

But I’m still awesome when I tell you that I came up with a list Why Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never” isn’t such an inspirational song after all and When you should say ‘Never’ all the time or forever if need be.

So when should you say Never:

1. Fall in love with your friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend.

Uhm hello heartaches, complication and home-wrecking? If you can avoid it, do everything that you can to do so. You know, oftentimes, the third-party wins and takes it all home but karma’s a heartless bitch. Like my favorite line in Pillars, “You will climb so high.. only to fall”.

2. Try drugs.

It’s not an item that you should include in your bucket list just to say that you’ve tried everything that there is to try.

3. Sell your soul to the devil for creative juices.

Constantine will hunt you down. He’ll probably die of lung cancer before he gets to you but there’s a humongous number of demon hunters birthed by Sherilyn Kenyon’s mind alone. Go distract yourself with the Kardashians and voila! A whole new blog entry ranting about why the hell they’re famous when they do nothing but incur the wrath of the gods with their absurdity. Next morning, your road to cyber infamy has just been paved and your writings are on TC’s front page.

4. Buy pants that are too long and too loose.

Your modiste, clearly, have super powers but if your newly bought pair costs you extra money and effort to have it altered, it’s not worth it.

5. Buy a Blackberry.

If you love your slumber time and have lots of friends who have Blackberries, this phone will make you chose one over the other. Sleep VS. Social Life VS. Work. Life can’t let you win all three, just two and lose the other one. Blackberry, on the other hand, would only let you win one. Social Life.

Now, let’s move on to another list. A rundown of topics I haven’t gone around on expounding and have been sitting in my drafts box for too long but maybe another awesome blogger already had but I haven’t found them yet:

  • Theories Why Katy and Russel Broke Up and How Katy Can  Go on Touring After her Divorce.
  • Why I haven’t picked up Game of Thrones after all this time.
  • Is this generation capable of staying in a  monogamous relationship short of finding true love?
  • The differences of people who enjoyed high school and people who didn’t.
  • The success rate of people who finished a degree versus college dropouts.
  • Snark comments about old, possibly deaf, narrow-minded subscribers I’ve had this week.
  • Answers to Questions in movie titles and songs.
  • How to be alone (I saw several entries on this already but this won’t get old until I date. lol).
  • List of people I should consider dating.
  • The pains and gains of a graveyard shift.

I should sleep. But like inspiration, sleep is becoming an elusive prima donna.


2 thoughts on “When Should You Say Never and the Elusiveness of Other Things

  1. Stop being silly Jishi! Keep writing and being yourself and don’t worry about getting freshly pressed. I like your writing and your blog and will give you a dirty look if you continue to think about giving up. : )

    1. Dirty look aside, I don’t think I’d give it up even if I tried because, well, I can’t shut up. LOL.

      Thank you William! That was sooo nice of you. I will look for ways to improve my writing style though and I’m learning my lessons from you guys. 🙂

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