An expat wannabe

This could have been an entry about what happened during my weekend as was customary. But it happens that I’m completely dependent on my friend C, who has the photos of my weekend adventure in Binondo (Manila Chinatown). I will write about it in the middle of the week or when C uploads the pictures. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming up.

The only photo I took during our Binondo stint

Anyway, on Monday morning, my resistance to read another novel while reading Valley of Silence broke, so now, I’m also reading Jewels of the Sun by who else? Nora Roberts. It’s  an Irish novel of some sort but this one is on a lighter, more romantic mood than the Circle trilogy. You probably know that I’m not really reading Jewels in detail as it was my habit to skip-read.

Jewels is about Jude, an American with Irish roots who fled to West Counties, Ireland to find herself after a bland divorce. The story is full of magic, faeries, century-long curses, pub stints, sexy time, and of course true love that is so hard to find in real life. In one of Jude’s rare outbursts, she vented out to Aidan (the hot Irishman who is her love interest) about what happened to her ex husband and how she was a boring person back in America; and that coming to Ireland must have been just a form of running away and not really finding herself. Aidan told her something that struck me and had me thinking of my whole restlessness deal going on.

“What’s wrong with running away if where you were doesn’t suit you? Doesn’t it follow that you’re running to something else? Something that suits you?”



There. I would have to ponder on that for the rest of the week. An idea came up though that I may not resign and just wait for two more years until I’m eligible for an early retirement in our company. I’m turning three years this April and what is two years more if I can get my retirement pay and migrate to Ireland just like what my gut is dictating me to do? Or you know, travel around Europe snapping photos and eating good food. I still have to figure out what job would best suit me and support such ambitious lifestyle. Hah.

Being a wedding photographer is on the top of my list. Next is a being a freelance writer or a best-selling one. Ha ha.

These dreams consume me and I don’t know what else could keep me grounded.

I can hear my friend, Tim, saying, “Run, bitch, run!”.

I will, you know? Just give me travel money and you’ll have a hard time seeing me for the next couple of years.



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