Of froyos, train rides, books and weekend things

Over the weekend, it seems that frozen yogurt ranked at the top of ‘things that make me happy’ list. My girlfriends and I went to TriNoma last Saturday after our shift, by way of MRT (Metro Railway Transit), which I secretly love, for it surely spells adventure amidst mendacity. We ‘surfed’ on the train for a bit and wandered the pretty gardens atop TriNoma before dragging my girlfriends to Red Mango just because I was completing stamps for my gift card. I was craving for kiwis anyway.

My girlfriends and I while waiting for the train

I made sure to buy myself new blouses from my favorite boutique to somehow encourage me to go to work. On a side note, yes, the trick is to have a new dress that can  excite me to wake up and go to work. We had a late lunch and I arrived home around 6 in the evening majorly pissed over my inconsiderate brother and then some of it because of my parents; I almost ended up crying before sleeping. But, I didn’t so I just slept soundly and deliciously. The kind of sleep you appreciate after a tiring day. I woke up in the middle of the night though, to eat supper and then I slept soundly again.

Counting on my fucked up body clock, I woke early but stayed in bed tweeting in between drifting in and out of sleep. I was itching  to go out but my best friend M, was out-of-town and my bff, T, from the sound of her tweets was getting gloriously wasted somewhere I don’t know. I itched to go out, watch a movie or something despite the rainy weather. I finally hauled my butt out of the bed because I was going to my aunt’s house to use their wi-fi.  Here’s what I got for doing just that.

Me, realizing that I have creepy shoulders or maybe I'm just leaning too hard on my left leg again

My sister took a picture of me using my cousin’s iTouch leading me to drool all over it and pine for the Instagr.am application. See how crappy I look there? Not so much because Instagr.am just did wonders.

Anyhow, I abused the wi-fi connection at my aunt’s house until my phone’s battery was almost drained and I had to go home to charge the batteries and feed myself.
What do you know, impulse strikes again and I asked my mom to buy me food and DVDs of Modern Family 3 and The Big Bang Theory 4 and gummy bears, of course. I took a late lunch again and lounged in front of the tv while waiting for my mum to get back when my sister and her best friend arrived. They asked me to go with them and I kind of balked when Mother arrived a few minutes after them with the desired DVDs and gummy bears  in tow. I decided to ditch the DVDs when I realized that my sister’s bff brought her car. I wouldn’t have to face dreary commute going to the mall after all, so I went with them.
Alas, wish  come true. Somebody took me out. Dragged them to Red Mango too as kiwis were becoming an obsession. Who could say no to frozen yogurt?!
Kiwis and strawberries and everything nice
See that small red card over there? Yeah, I have eight more stamps to go before I get my Red Mango gift card. So if you want a date, take me there.
I remember getting strawberries because I got envious of my friend’s FroYo bowl, the day before.
Window shopping and traipsing in the mall with my sister, her boyfriend and her best friend, we finally went to dinner and I took them to Recipes, one of my favorite restaurants and I realized, I don’t feel like vomiting after eating a lot which is a happy discovery as the food there is just divine, thanks to my friend C, who first introduced me to that place.
That's Kare Kare (a Filipino stew made from peanut sauce with a variety of vegetables, stewed oxtail, beef, and occasionally offal or tripe) and Crispy Tilapia with its yummy sauce. the Lechon Kawali with Kangkong was on the far side of the table and not included in the picture
Aycee, my sister’s bff, was looking for the book, Why Men Love Bitches, so we went to PowerBooks and I was debating if I should buy a copy of Gaiman’s American Gods. I didn’t, but I came across a book that I originally saw in Book Sale, Robinson’s Place, Manila for like 200php+ but didn’t buy at that time.
Guess what? When I found it in Powerbooks, the price was like for a 1,000php+ and I regretted not buying the copy I saw in BookSale a few months ago
Aycee found the book she was looking for and some nice book about make-up. I didn’t buy anything in Powerbooks but I determined to go to BookSale to try my luck.  The book I wanted didn’t turn up in but I immediately spotted the two Nora Roberts book I was missing to complete the Gallaghers of Ardmore trilogy so I took it with apparent glee while scouting for any book on Celtic lore if I can’t find the Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun. I briefly considered buying the Lord of the Rings trilogy but I can’t find book One so I let that go and settled for another Tolkien novel. I found some books on poetry, fallen angels and an Irish fiction but I chose to buy a well-worn copy of Phaedra to catch up on my Greek mythology.
I still feel like I should've bought the poetry book though..
At the end of the evening, I resolved to finish Dance of the Gods and move on to these new purchases and maybe then, Game of Thrones, Valley Of Silence and Emma. Sunday has just made me happy enough to face Monday.
I spent Monday morning reading Dance of the Gods and sleeping. Work was another episode of fake productivity while I read entries from Thought Catalog and I remembered the books I wanted to buy next. I will enumerate it on my Things I Like Thursday this week.
All I know is that I still need to surround myself with friends who could make me worry less about my restlessness. Now, looking forward to my next weekend of food tripping with friends in Binondo (Chinatown) and a movie after it, I swear that this week’s gonna be one awesome breeze.  Taking one day at a time and cherishing the little things to combat my pseudo quarter life crisis about my job and thanking God that I have friends and that I’m still not over-analyzing my zero dating life. I’ll worry about those things another day. Or maybe not.

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