I’m still not over New Year

So I know, staying happy is a conscious effort, and lately, happiness is something that easily evades me just because I’m still consumed by restlessness. While everyone is optimistic and looking forward to the New Year, starting blogs and 366 days project, I find myself envious of the idea. It might be too late to start a 366 days project since it’s already the 6th day but when an office mate shared some gummy bears,  I decided that instead of documenting the events of my every day crazies, I will post about the little things that made me laugh, songs that made me dance, chores and bloopers that made me sing, things that amazed and struck me to the point of obsession and insignificant things that made me happy even for just a sliver of a moment and read the compilation before the Mayan prediction comes true on December.

I also decided that I will be transferring my previous posts during the holidays on my Adventures page. For some reason, seeing pictures on my home page makes me think of my Tumblr page where I rape photos all the same whether I own them or not.

You probably know that this post is going to contain a list or two. Why not? Making a list comforts my organized soul and makes me think that there’s some semblance of control in my life now. That’s what Santa Clause does all year round anyway. You might also conclude that I over think way too much because I’m young and I should be living my life instead of worrying which path to go. Well, when should I worry about it? When I turn 30? Please. By that age I envision myself as somebody who has traveled the world and has a thriving business that I can live off comfortably. When should I build towards that goal? Now. And so I admit that 2012 will be the year I start building towards what I  wanted to do before I’m 30.

For now, here are the things that made my day brighter:

U BEARS SO CUTE but I will eat you all!!!
  • Gummy bears. The classic ones. Without sugar. Just translucent, sweet and sour-ish gummy bears.
  • The phrase ‘billable restroom’. A term coined by my friends in the office when they toggle to restroom mode on the computer so they won’t receive calls.
  • Texting with my  bff T who somehow cheers me up for her sheer zest for life.
  • The thought of watching Modern Family when I get home.
  • Jessie J’s Domino and Selena Gomez’s Hit The Lights.
  • New WordPress followers. I wonder why they click that ‘Follow’ button when I write more crap than decent things, but I’m not one to complain.
  • This blog entry that I read over and over hoping that one day I will travel and live to write about it.

I was discussing my vague life plans with my friend, Harold, and I realized I’m not ready for a lot of things like resignation, a new job, and my fickleness over coming back to school or not. But a new environment is what I’m still itching for. I wanted to blame PMS and dysmenorrhea as the primary cause of my ‘depression’ but I’ll blame Russell Brand instead for divorcing Katy Perry. The possibility of her concert being cancelled because of the divorce is bugging me to  no end.

I won’t write of my goals here because you know, I’m more shallow than the Dead Sea and Kim Kardashian combined.

TO include in my bucketlist: Read atop the dead sea like this

 So instead, here are my random wishes for 2012.

  • I want to start sketching and doodling again and make use of that blank page journal that I bought last December 2010.
  • I want to document monumental things that happens in 2012. Like that Katy Perry concert on the 22nd. And going to the beach finally.
  • I want Katy Perry to find a hotter guy than Russel Brand, who would love her truly and for eternity.
  • I want to smash the face of an old friend who irritates me with her hypocrisy and fake sweetness.
  • I want to buy more Norse mythology books.
  • I want to create a new page compiling my bucketlist.
  • I want to join a flash mob one day.
  • I want to finish the books I bought last year.

What are your 2012 wishes?


6 thoughts on “I’m still not over New Year

    1. Hello Cassie! My Mom bought me this Edith Hamilton mythology book that contained Greek, Roman and a bit of Norse mythology when I was in Fourth Grade and until now, I’m very much interested with Norse mythology because the gods aren’t invincible and everything is complicated. 😉

      I sure hope to find more books and novels about it. 🙂

      Thank you Cass and Happy New Year! 🙂

  1. Ah, I’ve never made a new Year’s resolution, Ever. I mean, what for? I’m gonna break them anyways. I just want to be healthy and get better grades, that’s all. Oh wait ! I think I have one ! I’m going to write more often on my blog and read up on all my favorite blogs, and that include yours, pinky promise.

    Cheers !

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