On a completely unrelated note

Despair can be avoided by teaching yourself something new

This appeals to me so much since, lately, I’ve been bouncing from restless to optimistic in a heartbeat.


To keep me going though, I have Jessie J’s Domino on repeat to boost my endorphins as too much food is only making me reminiscent of my vomiting episode last December 31st. For some reason, the song helps me get out of bed and haul my ass off to work everyday and feel good about anything.  

People will see that a new year is full of opportunities and potential. I see that too but I’m still too busy with sorting out myself from this channelled anger and teaching myself apathy so I can snap out of depression.

A year is enough to change a person. If not completely, at least grow into maturity or regress fitfully. I started writing about a summary of my 2011 and realized it has been a blur but for the most part I had fun and I’m starting to get to know what I am and what I’m not. I also realized that I will not stay the same even if I want to. 2011 has allowed me to become more impulsive and find joy in spontaneity. 2012 will be the continuation.

I may or may not:

1. Cut my hair ala Carey Mulligan style or at least Selena Gomez style in Hit The Lights video.

2. Fly abroad for a vacation with the cousins.

3. Switch jobs and get paid for writing.

4. Date.

5. Go to the beach with friends.

6. Get another tattoo.

7. Organize my Facebook Timeline and edit my friends list.

8. Have my braces removed.

9. Hold a garage sale with M.

10. Enrol in a ballet/dance class.

11. Buy an SLR or a Lomo camera and take more pictures. Go on photowalks and develop films.

12. Buy more books, clothes, high heels and watch more movies.

13. Go on road trips with friends.

14. Buy a laptop and blog everyday.

15. Prepare for Zombie Apocalypse.

Here’s to more adventures, unplanned night outs, new discoveries, and months and months of opportunities to check items in your bucket list! 🙂


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