2012 Prospects– not so much

This might be my last entry for the year 2011. The days following my birthday has made me restless and itchy. To take action, to plan again and do the next thing in my life now that I’m 22. If I wanted to travel Europe by the age 24 , I best be doing something to push me towards that goal.

Add Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Holland and South Russia and I’ll grab my passport! :)

I’m employed by a stable company, one of the biggest in the industry, but I feel like I’m still half-alive because I know this isn’t my niche.

I’m very eager to leave my job but I’ve to secure a new one before I resign so I won’t be penniless while I’m on training for a new job.

All the occupation that I have in mind doesn’t yield much money unless you get famous. Be a writer. A novelist. A food/book critic. A fashion blogger. A historian. A librarian. You would also need to start from rock bottom and work your way up. Every other job is like that, I know.. but I am also a big contributor in the family income and I don’t want to jeopardize that while I still have siblings who needs help with their studies. I am selfish– I am, at most times but not that way. I can’t stomach it. A starving artist is something I can’t afford for I have a family to support. A starving artist is someone who can afford to starve alone.

Maybe I should join a mafia, smuggle drugs or you know marry a rich old man to support my passion for literature, arts, fashion and history, eh? No. I’m too uncoordinated should I need to run for my life. I’d end up behind the bars on my first day on the job because I fell down while running.

There’s a writing consultant post that I’m considering but all doubts and insecurities about my skills kept creeping in which puts me in a corner and a sensible part of me wanted to stay at status quo which is also the comfort zone. I hope this year, I’ll be more bold and unafraid of taking risks. Not just career wise but also in my dating life–if it does come to life in 2012.

The world cannot end in 2012. There’s FIFA 2014 that I have to watch, not in TV but in Brazil where all the sweat and action is. The world cannot end in 2012. I haven’t fallen in love yet. Ha ha.

Happy New Year! 🙂


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