Golden Arches

No, I don’t mean McDo. I meant the soles of my feet. They aren’t really gilded but actually swollen and red, I just like the word golden though. I got no one to blame but myself for buying four inches stilettos, partying and dancing in them for hours. It just looked so divine on the shelf and I thought its high time I start wearing them since I’ve worn flats forever.

So divine and oh so irresistable because it was on sale! ūüėÄ

We had our company Christmas Party last Sunday and what perfect excuse to buy and wear stilettos than a party? The party started at 7pm and by the time it finished by 10pm, my feet are singing to let them rest. Did I heed them?

My feet singing: Let Me Rest, Bitch

Of course not, vain person that I am, I didn’t bring a bigger bag to bring sensible flats so I can rest my feet during the after-party with friends. Lo and behold, I even danced in them. Who knew that the after party session with friends would last till 6 am in the morning? I should have.

That’s Mico fixing her hair and me and my bag where you can put.. bloody nothing..

I gained new respect for women who could wear them for hours and work while wearing high heels. It does look sexy and does something to your legs but oh the things we do for fashion. It hurts. More than respect, I’m in awe of those Korean girl groups¬†singing and dancing in farkin¬†heels. I think I would die if I stumble wearing it.. literally. Counting on my clumsiness, my life expectancy¬†has been¬†reduced¬†now that I decided that I would like to wear heels more often. Luckily, I didn’t break my ankle nor fell off my ass last Sunday. I did almost slip a couple of times though and it was good my friends were always nearby or there was a chair somewhere¬†for a handhold. Ha ha.

By the time we went to Mico’s for a sleep over, my arches were swollen and my feet¬†looked plainly fat.

It looked worse this morning but thanks to Vaseline, it got better, I think..

So¬†I said I’d swear off that green stiletto for a bit even if it looks divine and I can already imagine myself wearing it in the office with jeans and¬†a billowy blouse.¬†

Hi. My feet hurt like a mother

Does fashion really have to hurt?



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