Where Collective Thinking Brought Us

1. The restroom of your office building’s top-most floor.

You’d think you’re the only one who goes there to “deposit your gold nuggets” because, duh, who goes there anyway? Answer: Everyone. Because everybody thought they’re the only one going there when nature calls. Good luck with that. You might make new friends though after meeting the person occupying the next cubicle, on the way out, if it wasn’t too awkward. You both know what you just did.

Small things pile up. So if each person thinks it a good idea to take a dump upstairs, everybody will. The mindset is: The 8th floor people won’t recognize whose pair of shoes it was in that cubicle you’re occupying.

2. The party you didn’t really want to go to.

Who wants to be left out? Even when you don’t feel like going because you have a lot on your dish or maybe just plain lethargic, all your friends are going, so you’d stick it out just so you won’t feel so miserable when your friends talk about it the next time you hang out or when the pictures of their epic night are all over Facebook.

Afterall, whoever wanted to be the Blitz?!  Aw, Man!


3. A date with someone you don’t know at all.

Peer Pressure. Desperation. Fear of being forever alone. Adventure? Rarely.

And you think you're the only one who knows this meme

4. Ostracism.

Let’s not even discuss racism, lepers, witch burning and inquisition among other ostracism acts that dates so far back because everyone’s afraid to take a stand at the time. Take a hard look at history and you’ll realize how people would believe for less than they could prove.

Literary example:

Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter.

Ken Follett’s World Without End

Hester Prynne, an outcast, because everyone in her town are such morally upright folks

5. In the middle of a gossip mill.

A friend entrusted you with a secret. You tell it to one of your trusted girlfriend or a group of them with the explicit request that you all keep it between the group. One of the girlfriends will tell it to her other girlfriends and the cycle goes on. Everyone incorrectly thinking that no one’s going to spill the beans but still did.

Promise me that you wouldn't tell anyone.


You being excited that you’re in on the secret, agrees whole-heartedly but secretly thinks, “my best fried doesn’t count, right?”


6. The dress shop that everybody thinks so cool but you secretly think overrated.


You know you can get the same style of clothes for less. 😉

Hello thrift stores.

7. Watching a series or a movie your friends raved about.

You try to watch it but didn’t find it as funny as your friends have. You wonder if they’re all crazy or you just didn’t get the punch lines. You pretend to like it. Ending: the movie was box office hit through word of mouth and so are the best sellers of the year– books you tried to read but found out too pretentious but afraid to say otherwise for fear of being told off as a dumbass who don’t know art.

8. Planking.

Everyone did it. It looks fun and totally pointless. Why not post a picture of yourself conforming to the fad because you’re just so hip?

9.  gag.

See what I did there? Ha ha. You think you’re the only one who knows it. But thanks to your Facebook friend who won’t quit sharing rage comics on his wall, it’s an open secret now.

10. End of the World.

Remember that time in May when we all really didn’t think the world was going to end? If it’s really the apocalypse, would you be so busy tweeting about it? Maybe. That’s just so sad. 

Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, panic and chaos would double in seconds.

Is it so bad being left out? No. Not always. You know that.


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