A story about my morning jaunt to the bookshop turned letter to George

 After work, I waited for the bookshop in Cityland Tower in  Herrera Street to open. I went ahead and had breakfast with some work buddies who spotted me in MiniStop counting the minutes till 9 AM when the glorious door of that quaint bookshop closest to my heart would finally open.

It felt like it has been so long since I bought a book and I’m at a standstill at the book I’m reading and can’t seem to finish. It’s been over a month and it’s still Game Of Thrones. I decided to put a pause in reading it until I gain momentum again. I came up with excuses as to why George R.R Martin shouldn’t kill me for my audacity to pause my GOT reading.

a. I work night hours and when I go home in the morning, I catch up on Law and Order: SVU on cable, that’s a non-negotiable and then I try to read after lunch, which is before sleeping and I’m in my bed. I’m only successful in this endeavor if I’m not too tired and my room isn’t like a chamber in hell. Did I mention that this vampire schedule sucks, pun intended ha ha, especially in a tropical country, when sleeping during lunch is also when the sun is beating down on the roof radiating hell-like warmth? I didn’t. Lawyered!

b. I have watched the series and my sub conscious kept saying, I know this already, but I don’t and I keep discovering details that aren’t in the tv adaptation.

c. Eddard Stark freaking died and so all the other characters I’ve come to love and Cersei is such a liar-bitch, I have to put the book down most of the time to calm myself.

d. I devote my weekend schedule to my social life which keeps me sane and takes the boredom out of my work life. Even when I hibernate on weekends, I glue my eyes to the telly, therefore no time left to devour any other books in the shelf.

Don’t fret George. I will finish reading it and move on to buy and complete your series, A Song Of Ice and Fire. You should know I love you and I’m still in awe of GOT. But I need space. And I miss Nora.

Yo sup? George R.R. Martin

I started getting Julia Quinn’s historical romance, To Sir Philip with Love, but I determined to take home a non-romance novel along with my romance loot but my luck did not turn up until the last-minute. Fickle creature that I am, I ended up trusting Nora to entertain me and she had always been my comfort zone when it comes to books. I’m so used to her writing that sometimes I get disoriented when I  try other romance writers. I ended up buying the Circle trilogy and then some obscure book about Aristotle and Alexander the Great which I deduced as another historical fiction. My heart is full again.

My instinct in book buying has never faltered. And digging through the pile of books to look for all three parts of the trilogy in that shop is just another thrill.

So George, hang on there, I will return once I’m done sighing over Nora’s fictional men. You should know that this is a  vicious cycle I’m in. I sigh over these fictional men and turn into a puddle of mush but I also get more cynic that there isn’t a guy like that in real life. Then I will swear off romance novels for a bit to turn into other genres of fiction but I come back to romance again when I’m too disillusioned with strife, deceit and misery in those other genres.

You may or may not judge me with the books I read but I don’t care because I’m not a literary snob. Except when it comes to Twilight.  

You may think that I get nothing from reading such romantic paperbacks but you also forget that there’s always the setting, the background, the plot and the characters that teaches me and gives me a glimpse and a facet of a culture, a way of living, relationships, family, and humanity.

There is a guaranteed happy ending when I read Nora. Something, I know you may not give me at the rate you’re going, George. I hear stories, you know. As much as a sucker for happy endings, I also happen to love spoilers. So I know Robb Stark’s going to die too! You break my heart over and over and I need time to heal and brace myself for more heartbreak in your epic saga.

Until I read A Song Of Ice and Fire again, I remain your heart-broken fan seeking love in another realm,



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