Hugh Laurie and how my perception of hotness and beauty evolved over my short 21 years

House. Hugh Laurie. His cleverly concealed British accent. His sarcasm. He couldn’t be more perfect.

Does the fact that he’s 52 deter me from going diddly-eyed over him? No. It only makes him  hotter. Some men have too good a bone structure that they might look awkward and horse faced in their youth and then for some unknown reason, ages gracefully and the hotness would then come into light.  The opposite is true for some women. Pretty decent in their youth but time and gravity caught up until what remains are skin, collagen, cellulite and bones. Best example: Donatella Versace. Well, maybe, not the best.  I mean how may women ages like Susan Sarandon, whom men would consider MILF, huh?

You can’t say that Hugh Laurie, George Clooney, Dermot Mulroney, Liam Neeson or even Vic Sotto, are old. Well,you can. But try saying that to any red-blooded female who gives more than a fig about your unsolicited observation and you’d get a profound answer in the form of the question: “So?”.

Of course, you’re lucky if you get away with that remark unscathed. I, for one, will not bash your head with a crowbar unlike other girls I know would definitely do, but I will bitch slap you accidentally on purpose. Ha ha. The point is, so what if they’re old? They’re hot, man.

Take for example, Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys. When I was a kid, he was the guy that I least liked or found attractive in the group. For all the golden boy that he is, he just never appealed to my nine-year old heart and eyes. But after a decade or so, his smooth features started to sharpen and it’s now kind of rough-hewn so, he’s no longer the ol’ pretty boy whom girls sigh over.

He now has gravitational powers to pull your panties down by sheer force of manly charm even when you are thousands of miles away sitting in front of a telly living your exciting life.

Same goes for Dermot Mulroney and some other pretty boys who were lucky enough to age gracefully and not abuse themselves with drugs or waste the years away with booze, women and gambling. Other men were destined to be born hot that their doctors have to use pot holders and pincers to extract them from their mom’s vagina and age only gives more color and dimension to their appeal. Say like, Brad Pitt,  Tom Cruise and Richard Gere. Whom, from my younger days, I already identified heavenly gorgeous.

Even now, I find this picture puke-worthy.

But look what the years did to him


My 8-year-old sister would not find Hugh Laurie as handsome nor perceive his charm that is just pure Laurie. She will probably view him as just another guy in TV who has salt-and-pepper hair and serious wrinkles. She wouldn’t appreciate the dry wit and sarcasm that first drew me to him and kept me hooked to his hit series, House. That is why, when I spotted him as one of Cruella De Vil’s henchmen in 101 Dalmatian doing slapstick comedy, it was almost surreal.

Enough about his infamous wit. If that doesn’t impress you, maybe his musicality and acting awards will. He plays the piano, the sax, guitar, harmonica and sings well. He’s got two Golden Globe awards and several Emmy nominations and is now the highest paid actor in television according to TV Guide. Your gold-digging heart aside, I think you’d still fall for him.

Now, who said, I’d be writing about something worthwhile and full of sense? You already have that with the other blogs that you follow. I would hate to conform and be predictable. 😛


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