My freedom to theorize because I’m so out of ideas

While bemoaning my lack of  idea on what to write today, running two sets of comm. clinics and drooling over Jessica Trans‘s blog and outfits posts, Coldplay’s Paradise kept resounding in my head. It just seem to fit today’s aura. And while envy is eating my cholesterol-filled heart, I wondered about a couple of things today and formulated some theories. I’m always one for formulating insignificant theories, biased generalizations and unwarranted observations.

Theory # 1. Anything you wear, no matter how outrageous, weird or downright hideous– it would always look awesome when taken with a good camera, lighting and attitude. Same goes for a disheveled hair. No matter how rough, ugly, and stupid your hair looks like that day, if you use a very good camera to photograph it, you’d still look fashionably disheveled.

Nowadays, disheveled or messy isn’t a negative word anymore. Nor the word peasant, a derogatory term. You would usually associate that with fashion, hair and the boho chic.

Like this:

Maybe you could pull that off strolling in Serendra, in Eastwood, Ayala Lands or whatever. Anywhere but a tropical country where jeepneys and trikes dominates the commute. Even if you wear it with the right attitude, it just looks absurd and out-of-place.

Theory #2: People always lap up songs, prose and memes if it’s about heartbreak. It’s always a hit if the topic is about unrequited love and being broken. I know. Because my multiply blogs with those kind of themes were always a box office hit with my peers. If you want something intriguing to post or you’re just dying to get attention, go for it. Do not overdo it though, because your sympathizers will eventually get tired and view you as a pathetic weakling who doesn’t have enough guts to fix himself or maybe you’ll just be branded as a jumping jologs-emo  if you’re lucky.

Although, if you’re feeling melancholic, you can find a lot of it here. It’s a hodgepodge of emotions and random musings where you discover all types of prose and stories that people who have internet access produce because they have too much time in their hands .

Theory # 3:  It’s offensive for a fashionista to ask her why she looks pretty or why her outfit is amazing today. She doesn’t need an occasion to dress up and it might lead her to think that what she was wearing the day before wasn’t equally intriguing. She would like to astound you with her outfit everyday, if she could.

Theory # 4:  A guy who is not into any sports at all has a bigger tendency to be effeminate. (Boo, bigot)

Theory # 5:  Animal prints may look cool and fashionable now but there will come a time that it will be tacky again. I promise you.

Theory #6:  The words: “You look tired” is offensive to someone who isn’t. It means that they do not look good. Fucking rephrase if you’re concerned about the welfare of your friend.

I should probably stop now and save some for a later date.

After all, I would gladly sprinkle your life with nonsense tomorrow and in the future.

Nah. That’s just an excuse. I don’t have any more theories for you at the moment. I promise to write it down when I remember my other life theories.

And I leave you with this.


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