Thoughts on the upcoming The Last Sacrifice.

You know the worst thing that Richelle Mead could do in the last book?

It would be:

  •  Make Adrian the murderer of Tatiana
  •  Prove him clinically insane 
  •  Kill him in the last book
  •  Dimitri and Rose will end up together

I mean, come on. It’s enough that Mead made Dimitri Strigoi and Rose would still refuse to kill him and pull those crazy stunts off endangering anyone nearby and all that she loves just to freaking save him. Now, Mead will possibly do something horrible to Adrian or worse, make Adrian horrible in the end just to absolve Rose of the guilt that she would still choose Dimka after everything.

I hope Mead would not stoop that low to make it predictable enough.

I know, I know, Rose is exciting and awesome and she loves Dimka to hell but, Adrian has been there for her through her highs and lows and he’s a great guy. She might not have the same electricity she felt towards Dimitri but he’s beginning to be as important to her and there’s warmth between them.

Dimitri was already a lost cause and I thought Mead has gone so far to stretch the story as to conjuring the way for a Strigoi to be turned back into a Dhampir or a Moroi. It would be an overkill to seek that sappy, cheesy happy ending with Dimitri and Rose still ending up together.

I’m a sucker for happy endings. But we all know, that not everybody gets what they want. Lemme wish that Mead makes the effort to justify the ending without that ‘forced’ happy ending.


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